Health Goals

Avoid Processed Foods

cheese-2725235_1920Manufacturers add refined ingredients, artificial substances, added sugar, and other chemicals to make the foods more colorful, to get a specific flavor and to prevent the rotting of the food. Processed foods have serious effects on the metabolism of our body and the added sugars cause a serious damage to our health by affecting the sugar and insulin levels in the blood. Apart from processed foods, try to avoid sugar products, oily cooked foods, alcohol, and caffeine.

Whole foods like fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits have many nutrients. Real foods increase the metabolism in our body and supplies all the proteins, vitamins and minerals in a balanced ratio and help in maintaining healthy mind and body.


Meditation is a state of mind in which the mind is blank without any thoughts. Sit comfortably in any place of your choice, close your eyes and with normal breath, try to empty your mind from all the distractions. Eventually, you will realize that at a certain point there is completely blank space in your mind.meditate-1851165_640

Meditation increases the blood flow to the brain supplying more oxygen and in turn, the brain becomes more active and stays active the whole day.

Try doing meditation at least for fifteen minutes in a day, and see the results within a month. Your attention and control towards any task increase even before you notice it. You start to handle stress better and can see a significant reduction in stress.

Researchers found that meditating daily reduces aging, anxiety, and depression. It also boosts self-control.  A lot of positive energy is created within yourself. Meditation improves your productivity and increases your ability to multi-task.

You will get a clear idea of the things that are real. You start to come of your dreams and understand what is real and practical.

Diet Detox

Detoxification is the process of eliminating the toxins like chemicals and unwanted materials from the body naturally. Toxins are the chemicals and unwanted materials that potentially harm the body.

water-1487304_1920Carbonated drinks contain high levels of saturated sugar and cause a high rise in the blood glucose. Cheese and bread are highly acidic in nature and are very hard to digest. Pastries have absolutely zero calories and are high in saturated sugars and fat. These increase the load on the liver and cause high blood sugar levels.

Avoid canned foods and processed meat. Acidic and fat foods in the cans can absorb toxic residues from the can. Processed meat has high salt contents to increase the shelf life. The high salts when consumed cause bloating, high blood pressure and kidney problems.

Stopping the intake of sugars, saturated fats, caffeine and alcohol help you to get rid of waste that is stored for a long time by allowing liver and kidney to do their job more efficiently. Fresh fruits and vegetables make you feel more energetic and boost natural energy.

Start your day with a mix of warm water, lemon, and honey. Follow a certain detox diet as per the availability and your convenience. There are a lot of detox methods. Choose a method that suits you perfectly. Detox diet provides vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. Include fiber-rich foods in your meals to increase the bowel movement and urination to remove the chemicals and toxins quickly and easily.

When you follow diet detox, there can be some side effects like low blood sugars, weakness, hunger, dizziness and headache due to lack of caffeine. Drink a lot of water when you have fiber foods to reduce constipation. Consult a doctor before you follow a detox diet if you have any medical problems.


Exercising reduces anxiety by removing stress and you will have better sleep. Increases your focus and concentration at work, improves your  creativity, enhances your mood, makes you optimistic. You will have less sick days and look a lot younger.

pexels-photo-685531Even if you are sad, stressed, tired, angry, uninspired or feeling low, you will be a different person after the workout. You get to know more about yourself, your limits and capabilities. When you do that one extra set of reps in the gym by crossing your limits takes your confidence to a different level.

Exercise makes you more active and fit. You will not miss all the fun with outdoor activities and adventures. Let your heart decide what you want to do rather than your body deciding for you.

Do you want to eat the food you like without feeling any guilt, and are afraid of other health problems that comes with all the food, then exercise and work hard. Exercising keeps blood sugar in check and reduces the risk of diabetes, also reduces the risk of Cancer.

When you go to gym, you are surrounded by a lot of people who are motivated, this also increases motivation in you. When you improve yourself, people look up to you and you can inspire others. Apart from this, in this digital age you will have more human interaction and get to know a lot of like-minded people.

Your fitness habits may or may not affect your friends or others, but it has a direct impact on your kids. Your kids also start following the healthy habits. Make this a habit. Do you realize how hard it was for you to run a mile when you first started working out, now how fast can you run?

You will get a lot of personal space and time away from your work and family tensions. If it is possible, workout with a friend or your partner. You will stay motivated. You can have fun at gym as well. It will be easy to try new workouts as you have support from your partner. You will work out more because of competition.

Workout at least 3 days per week. Spend at least 30 minutes to an hour to lift weights and/or do cardio. Try to be more active (walk, take the stairs, park in the furthest parking spot) in general. Re-gain the shape that you used to have in the best phase of your life.

End Any Addiction to Stuff That You May Have

cigarettes-83571_1920This may not be a health goal in and of itself, but it is an obstacle that will stand in the way of all good health goals, no matter what they are. An addiction to stuff can also be like a financial parasite. A disproportionate amount of your income and financial reserves will go to pay for your need for stuff.

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